Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Your Hatitude?

A hatitude is your chosen headwear style that turns-you-out into a fierce hat wearer. Any style(s) can do! Chose a mini satin Top Hat, Fedora, Trilby, Sailors, Boaters, Profiles or Fascinators. That is to say, any style of hat that shakes up your personal style is your hatitude.

As I love wearing a stylish Fedora or you’ll find me probably showing off in a fabulous turban and head wraps.

With this post I will like to share with you my love for African inspired head wraps. Yes, that’s OK you can do it! With a little practice you will be on the way to looking fabulously chic. From the Parisian quarters of Chateau Rouge in Senegal to the USA, African and Afro American fashion designers are leading the way with a strong influence of traditional sub-Saharan textile patterns and fabrics.

 They are tapping into their African recourses of their generation, by means of using traditional tribal African fabrics and patterns in their clothing collections, and have become the real players of a new emerging global fashion force that is influencing some of the most prestious fashion houses in the world such as; Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Diane Furstenberg, Yves Saint Laurent and cult store H&M.

Start expressing your hatitude by wearing a stunning head wrap, head tie, turban, translating your personal style into expressions of femininity. So, all together now, select a fabulous piece of fabric or even better an African print rich of colour and express your new hatitude with a head wrap. Just wrap it! Amazingly powerful really!

Did you known in many African societies, head wraps and turbans are known for their excellence, colour, expression of wealth and a symbol of social hierarchy.

My turban, head wrap and hat collection I designed exclusively for Willie Wear, New York.

Here we are on location in Dakar, with my collection of head wraps, turbans and hats worn by beautiful professional models originally from Senegal, being filmed in a fashion show documentary for Willi Wear Collection . It was presented as a featured film in a New York theatre, during fashion week.

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Cobalt Violet said...

aMAZing! So fabulously sculptural! Love them!

I need a hatitude!!! I'm going to have to work on that!
Happy Spring to you!!!