Monday, February 13, 2012


Love is, an action verb, a whole series of actions, and concrete expressions of creative, inventive and sharing initiatives. 

Love is, capturing and exchanging a moment with my cat, when he sends me kisses with 1-2-3-eye blinks, while I am dashing out the door to catch a flight; Love is, keeping that “inner” monster calm by having more compassion with myself. 

Love is, to forgive, getting out of my comfort zone and trying to understand the other persons point-of-view. We both can be right. Right! Love is, adding an extra ingredient called, enthusiasm, when making a tomato sauce to serve for my love ones for dinner tonight.

Cupid, is a symbol of earthly love. It was very fashionable in the mid-sixteenth century, and forever used in the making of sentimental jewels, set with gems as well as designed with traditional motifs, illustrating them with mottos in both English and French. Cupid as cherub are used by hair weaving manufacturers for creating bows, forming into a true-lover knot and hearts, signifying devotion.
When I created my brand name Love Accents, I also needed a symbol that would represent my philosophy, and to hold true to, throughout the process of my work. My research for inspirations was everlasting never ending…just endless. I read books,research the net. I have work many years in creating millinery and fashion accessoriesused for new product launches for national and international companies just using three adjectives;
This is my logo and a version of my sew-in label.

As for Love Accents, my difficulty at first, was finding the ONE imagine, that represents everything in my world. That’s to say, it was essential for a timeless symbol that I would love for it’s aesthetics and design value, to accentuate everyday life, a symbol that expresses my love and passion for the art-of-hat-making and can best define, Love Accents.

Love Accents means, looking for the best in everyone. It is the daily choices I make to honor others and myself with thoughtful reflection and application that, accentuates everyday life. My daily work, what I do and how it is done does facilitate and express practical, genuine love, for whom I meet, work and especially for those who receive my finished product...the final recipient of my work.

Have a wonderful Saint Valentine’s Day.

Ps. Here in Italy, we are having a real Siberian winter!

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Cobalt Violet said...

Ciao Bella!
I am finally starting to get around to my blog friends!
Great posts! Love the idea behind the "Love Accents" name! Hope you are doing well! I will continue through your posts! :)