Monday, July 2, 2012


It is vacation time here in Italy and I just love it, whereas I can work in my atelier in total bliss! I have some wonderful and inspirational projects on my work table such as; completing a new hat collections as well as a new product launch and bringing up to date my professional formation course available to incarcerated female adults and juveniles, under privilege and the unemployed. So I am signing-off until now, but will be returning in the fall to bring you closer to know more about my art, share all the latest news about me, and if you have not had the time yet please invite your friends to join us here, the place where the most beautiful hats originate.

In joy!
Have a fun and wonderful summer!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Emilio Robba imagines his “illusionary flowers”

La Maison Guillet
 Specialized in decorative flowers for more than 100 years, Maison La Guillet creates exclusive artificial roses of rare quality. Theses unique and gracious bouquets have had grand success in Japan, but you may also find a range more accessible from China.

A real artist, Emilio Robba imagines his “illusionary flowers” in a way that seems truly real: Emilio’s roses gives off live colours in thousands of amazing variations, from mother of pearl to scarlet, perfectly imitating a bouquet of hand picked roses with delicate coiled edges.

In Milan capital city of fashion, will be an expo entitle “MILANO SPOSA” as of June 22- 26 2012 presenting the best of new proposals from all over the world for “new brides-tobe” and what trends she will be wearing next year. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to propose this post of a flower rich of significance. A rose is rich of symbols and for that reason; I have specified four symbols of a rose in the following sentence. 

 Fresh, pure and innocent as a real rose or languidly soft conserving with love the most incredible colour variations of passion in an artificial version.

Viva la Sposa!
Have a fun and wonderful week!

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