My style is essential and timeless - Kirsten Randolph

Known in the national and international fashion sector for her uniqueness, artistry, imagination, and her unerring eye has consistently provided women with a sure sense of self, feminine and unaffected confidence. Kirsten Randolph is a modern designer of exquisitely handmade millinery. She effortlessly transforms the casual into elegance.

Kirsten Randolph born in New York City, learnt how to sew at twelve years old, however commissioned to produce uniforms for her school’s majorettes. Upon reaching adulthood, she began her professional studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology specializing in fashion design. While working on Seventh Avenue as a women’s wear designer, Kirsten discovered her true passion for
stylishly chic embellishments worn on the head and applied her design skills to the millinery arts.

From the start, determined, demanding perfection and discipline Kirsten became a hat designer by observing and understanding construction and details of hats purchased at flee markets; she began in blocking her hats on wooden forms designed by her. The use of natural materials such as silk madras, linens, straw, wools along with her graceful hands of an ex classical ballet dancer, drapes and sculpts fabrics into shapes with effects of extreme lightness. A modern design aesthetic is Kirsten’s signature style.

The first Kirsten Randolph Millinery Collection debut Spring/Summer 1980, selling exclusively at Henri Bendel, Berdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue New York. Following soon after her nomination for highest achievements by Harvey Bristol Cream…Tribute to the Black Designer and subsequently a double page spread in WWD “Hats Off to Kirsten”. Kirsten is rarely seen without one of her trademark hats, varying from large brim sailors and expressively feminine fedoras to luxurious head wraps, ensured esteem collaborations with national and international cosmetic houses. Her beauty ads are: Perfumes by Houbigant, Alexander de Markoff, Revlon, Estee Launder, and L’erin, Cerissa Perfume and Borghese Italy.

Even though a newcomer, she gained a reputation for creating inventive luxurious headwear with ultra modern lines renown as her indistinguishable style. This promptly attracted longstanding collaborations with some of the most prestigious designers in America including: Donna Karen, Marc Boauwer, Dimitri of Italy, Michael Vollbracht, Adam Bealle, Soo Yung Lee, Koos Van Der Acker, Willie Smith, Alexander Julien, David Cameron and Kevin Emard Couture. In addition, she created headwear collections for Adolfo ll and Mr. John.

The Kirsten Randolph Millinery label, acclaimed by some of the most prestigious entertainment industries which, embraced her unique exquisite headwear creations worn on stage together with costumes for The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Ron Davis Dance Company, Walt Disney (USA, Europe and South America). Additional television and videos are: Hanes’s, L’Eggs and Burger King.

Made in Italy...
Her love for Made in Italy symbol of quality, craftsmanship and tradition took her to Rome, Florence, Milan and then Paris creating couture millinery and accessory collections for Lancetti Alta Moda, Cappellificio Cioppi, Bill Kaiserman, Grazia Fave, Giusy Bresciani, Claudio Merazzi, Costume
National, Cerruti Paris 1881, Donatella Pellini and DEMI Made in Italy, setting her course to produce millinery collections distributed in Europe, Japan and United States.

The Kirsten Randolph Millinery Collection, acclaimed by some of the most prestigious European theatrical dressmaking houses such as; Sartorial Brancato, Pia Rame and Smeraldo Theatre-Italy designing for international musicals, ballet, and opera. 

Kirsten’s European experiences extended to creative product design and as an executive technical expert for Italian manufactures of Made in Italy, leading her to continuous and imperative collaborations creating luxurious fur and cashmere outerwear as well as leather handbags exclusively for the Japanese markets.

Even in the shapes of Italy’s drastic political upsets and economic difficulties, Kirsten remains true to herself and launches for Spring/Summer 2013 a high-end ecofriendly headwear brand, Kirsten Randolph's HatBox Secrets features exquisite deluxe fairy-tale headpieces suitable for dressy casual to semi-formal and special occasion. Her signature collection Kirsten Randolph Millinery highlights the most feminine fedora hat styles with sensuous, tailored, modern lines to wear everyday at work, office or leisure. Entire collections are ethically and sustainable produced.

A dedicated mission...
Since 1990, Kirsten has worked with social associations assisting young girls with social problems, helping them in the development of their manual and handicraft abilities. She created an environment of mutual trust and respect, requiring the highest ethical work standards as well as establishing an excellent relationship.

She continues embracing social solidarity through social and prison programs. The Italian government, The Ministry and Department of Justice employ her projects that provide education and vocational training of sartorial techniques to female prisoners, the unemployed and socially disadvantage women, to achieve high craftsmanship by using the intelligence of the hands, which have earned her in 2011 highest citations.

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