Saturday, February 4, 2012


 Viewed here is, Imperial Majesty N° 1, commissioned for
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, by Clive Christian - Establish in 1872 - London.

Flawless refinement, impeccable and of exquisite perfection. That is to say, when creating rarefied luxury with perfumes, made from the finest natural raw materials, contained in magnificent flacons of Baccarat crystal and finished with a five carat brilliant cut diamond nestling in the bottle's collar of eighteen carat is indeed to say that this fragrance occupies a very unique position in today’s market place. Clive loves pushing boundaries and believes that luxury is paramount.

Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty N° 1 for Women, expresses my personal style. Wearing a truly unique and flawless fragrance when making an entrance into any room, has never been so elegant, classy, and stylish...recalling a romance of yesteryear. 

The most expensive perfume in the world, Imperial Majesty Clive Christian N° 1 is available for both Woman and Clive Christian N° 1 for Men are each exclusively euro 195.000,00.

Thanks for my mother's grace, I developed at a very young age my love and passion for perfumes. For all of the month of Febuary, I will like to share with you my select perfumes as well as my love and passion for this art. 
See you next week with another stunning collection.

Did you know...
Jewels is today's concept of luxury is completely distorted. What do Think? I would love hearing from you.

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