Saturday, January 28, 2012


With thoughtful thoughts of starting off 2012 sharing with you some things about me and if you want to play along use my template questionnaire and leave your answers to these 12 questions in a comment or on your own blog. I would love hearing from you...
1. I am an original...
New Yorker
2. Because I do what I do...
After my studies in fashion design, I transferred to Italy, attracted to"Made in Italy", a symbol of quality, tradition and craftsmanship. I work in creative product design, an executive technical expert in manufacturing techniques and as fashion designer of cashmere outerwear and furs. For over two decades I have worked in cities like New York, Paris, Rome, Florence and Milan.
3. Why do it?
As a skilled hat designer, my love and passion for The-art-of-hat-making, thorough study in millinery arts and refinement of my craft, gave me imperative work opportunities to create millinery and fashion accessories used for new product launches for national and international fashion and cosmetic companies distributed in Europe, Japan and United States.
4. I balance...
work, family, pets and friends by giving everyone alike importance with equal time.
5. I Confess!...(share an embarrassing situation.)
(One) my most embarrassing moments happen while I was a ballroom dancing. My gorgeous vintage dress split right down the side while I was dancing the Tango. And yet, the split was so perfect.
6. My favorite film...
and the winner is...The Artist.
7. My best hat style is...
The Fedora. I just love it! It’s easy to wear and sooo stylish with almost every attire. I wear my fedora with the brim slightly covering an eye… transpiring mystery, glamour and cosmopolitan chic...and my clients agree!
8. Quess who’s coming to dinner? (Name 6 real, fantasy or fiction women and imagine yourself at the ‘round table’ with them!)
My dearest mother, Grace Kelly, Michel Obama, Mmme. Coco Chanel, Oprah and my girly friend Diva (check her out at top side bar!). My guests are incredible women whom are profoundly inspirational to me, because they are true pioneers.
9. When there is Time-off-for-me”...
I dance. I practice Martial Arts Wing-Chun-streetstyle defense. For adventure; I go-off trekking in mountains.
For creative expression; I do dazzling winter ice skating and in the spring-time, roller blades. To stay in contact with the nature; I am driven by horseback riding and underwater immersions. And you will always find me in the kitchen whether in my home or in others preparing, healthy and exotic dishes from Vietnam and dark chocolate fondant desserts..of course!
10. My theme song is…
God Bless America!
11. What is my guilty pleasure? (Let your hair down, ladies)
A divine glass of Port and a delectable slice of dark chocolate fondant cake, to share with someone I love.
12. When I grow up I want to...
Dedicate myself to The-art-of-perfume-making. Thanks to my mother’s grace, I developed at a very young age the love and passion for perfumes. I will like to create an essence that recalls veiled flowers blooming in the summer breeze passing through my vintage style garden.

Have a wonderful weekend and week to come!


Karena said...

Kirsten How wonderful to know more of your fabulous history and about YOU!!
You are so very talented and creative.

I must do this soon!

Art by Karena

Cobalt Violet said...

Yay! Love all the info!
I am with you on the chocolate!
Who are your pets? I ripped a vintage silk velvet dress at a wedding but fortunately it was the sleeve!
Coco and Oprah for sure! I think I'd need Katherine Hepburn.

Hmm... I think I need a fedora.