Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love Accents and The Finale Party-on-the-Nile.

Hello and welcome to my very special one day/all day "party-in-the-desert" event on the Nile. We are at Lake Nasser, at the banks of the Nile in lower Nubia. It is the worlds largest manmade lake and it stretches for 300 miles. Until a few years ago, the lake was the realm of fishermen and state guardians whose lonely duty is to watch-over the fourteen Nubian temples. I have invited my dearest friends and guests to celebrate and enjoy this heavenly paradise together.


Purse."Pandora’s Box" by Love Accents
I Love taking Pandora‘s box with me from daytime to evening...without having to separate the casual from formal. I designed this one-of-a-kind purse to contain all of your secrets. 
Embellish with oriental flower motifs and expertly embroidered with burnished bronze color pearls, sequins and double antique chain with resin stones.

 I love sailing. It is a sport that brings you in contact intimately with one, with yourself and with nature. So, I organized for all my guests to an adventurous event called “Wind Song”...whipers of gentle winds that ruffle the waters of the lake and the ochre sands of the boudless, burnished desert. 

At last, it is late afternoon and  I am really looking forward to a moment of relax with freinds and guest. After all, with all of preparations for this one day/all day "party-in-the-desert" event, I think what we all need is something refreshing. Awaiting for you are little boats with trasparent carbon crystal floor bottom to take you inside. An unforgettable experience...

  I prepared very colorful refreshing cocktails such as; Ice Ment Julips, Strawberry Frappè with Lemon sorbet, Cassis Royale  and Watermelon Black Pepper cocktail. I though maybe you would like to make a toast together with all of us, so here is the recipe for Watermelon Black Pepper cocktail :
Cut 2 pieces of fresh watermelon or
 fresh watermelon juice.
Pour ¾ oz of a simple syrup.
Pour 2 oz Vodka over ice cubes and shake.
Double strain into martini glass and
garnish with black peppercorns.


Music for Cocktails vol.5.1
Michael Boublè
Essenza di Lavanda

...a beginning of a new day.
Music. Buddah Party.

 Dinner Menù
"Desserts only"

Amuse, Choice of Dessert, and Petits Fours

Fromage Blanc Island "Cheese Cake"
(Muscat de Beaumes-deVenise 2005)

Strawberry Sorbet and Mint Ice Cream
with Warm Brown Sugar Biscuit
(Brachetto d’Acqui Banfi 2007)

Lemongrass Panna Cotta with Cantaloupe
Melon Sorbet and Poppy Seed Puff
(Moscato d’Asti Saracco 2006)

Fresh Cherries under Cinnamon Shortbread
with Port Wine Ice Cream
(Chateau de Cosse Sauternes 2004)

Dialogue of Fresh Fruit Puree
with Honey Parfait and Lace Crisp
(Quady Essensia Orange Muscat 2005)

Warm Chocolate Tart
with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream and Red Wine Sauce
(Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port)

I'll be dancing the night away with my friends in my elegant silk sarong dress. It is just perfect for the party! Now, the moment has arrived to add just a final touch...

Disco dancing under the Sails with the music of
Future Sex and Love Sounds (Timberlake) and
 Dj. Kalabsha

Here are just a few of my guests

WOW! She's having a great time! 

A special guest, Ramon Rasmis.
the greatest dancer ever...

Sandra Long.
This is my best friend Sandy,“Blondy” by nickname! She is always outrageously stylish and a real let’s-get-down-to-party-lady!

 Now that my look is completed with the final accessory in place and feeling glamourously and glimmering-to-rock-the-Nile...

Are you feeling it too?

To everyone have a pump-up-the-volume dance week. Dance to be happy and thank you Catherine http://theshinypebble.blogspot/ and friends all so much for sharing this unforgettable journey with me.

Love always,


Many thanks and credit images go to: Steven Meisel, American Express, Greg Lynn, Tierney Gearson, Swarovsky Elements, Michel Dufour, Getty Images, Jason Lloyd-Evans, Ramon Ramis, Chickolious, Indochine, New York.


The Shiny Pebble said...

wow Kirsten - an all day long party!!!! You really know how to throw a party. This was fabulous. The attention to all details. The food and wine pairings, the locales, the people, the adventures. So awesome!!!!! thanks for linking up


Oh my goodness, this is a fabulous post & I am your newest follower. So so & I can be great friends for certain. Come see what Catherine's wearing over at my post. I am so happy to meet you! Marsha

OneCraftyFox said...

Girl, I am so joining you in the desert!! What an extravagant soiree ;)

I bumped into you at Catherine's party, would love it if you dropped my blog, you are welcome any time!

Mona Thompson said...

Wow! This is my kind of party! Fabulous day ending in Fabulous Fun. You have chosen some pretty interesting friends as well. That always makes for a great time. Grab those friends and come on over to my blog to join the party that is already going on. I can tell already you guys will be the life of the party. In fact, you are invited anytime. I feel certain I will be visiting you here again real soon. Mona

joanny said...

C'est splendido!

I joined your blog --- -- Like Marsha from Splenderosa a fab lady and Diana from OneCraftyFox -- you put on one creative innovative party -- that is stunningly beautiful.


Karena said...

Kirsten, you have really done it!! A mostfabulous party with fun, fun, friends!! Love the fashion the sailing, the deserts, yum!

Come and see what I have done for Catherine's soiree!

Art by Karena

Karena said...

Kirsten, I am your latest follower, must keep up with what you have going on!

Art by Karena

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes this is my kind of party - arty, creative, fabulous and extravagant! :)
Loving the 'desserts only' menu - what else does one eat when in the desert?! :)

The outfit including the sparkly face piece is beyond magic, and your guest list is fantastic.
I will grab one of the outfits the adorable Marsha (at Splendarosa) picked for me and head on down the Nile for this fantastic feast!

Gracie for this and have a wonderful holiday at lake Nasser.

Baccione a te.

x Charlotta