Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love Accents I Love that Red by Revlon and a hat named...Fedora.

I have two beautiful memories of my mother; her collection of exquisite perfumes that left traces of her when entering in the house and her "fabulous" red lips. I do not have anying recording ever seeing her bare lips because she always wore red lipstick and that influenced me all-of-my-life, even until this day I wear the same color lipstick she used. Thank you mother.

Today, I will love to talk about my favorite lipstick named "Love That Red by Revlon created in 1951.

A vibrant red mouth is classic yet current...very stylish and never fails to look down right amazing especially if worn with the right dress or accessory. Personally thinking, it is a timeless red lipstick. I am known for always wearing this stylish, graceful, and whimsical color that my friends call me “Lady K”.  

You will want to choose something you can easily wear with this color that will certainly give you that "look" you want. Wearing a hat like "fedora" creates a look that is absolutely breath-taking!

Glamorously cool and urban chic, I created Fedora as a custom made hat that is beautifully made in a red Italian silk satin.

Sensuously cut and finely tailored with double stitch details and gorgeously lined in red silk.
Being the best red out there in the market, I think Revlon's "Love That Red" is a true classic...good for work presentations, classy dinners and should be in every womans' make up collection. Please let me what do you think?

To everyone,  have a let’s-paint-the-city-red-week!

Lady K


Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

First of all, let me say that you Mother sounds like a very chic and elegant lady. And I absolutely love your gorgeous Fedora! Perfect color and it looks so stylish - wonderful job!!! Wishing you wonderful day.:-)

The Shiny Pebble said...

So stylish. I have actually bought that lipstick before. Although lately only nudes for me since I am constantly kissing my little boy.

I am so thrilled you are coming to the party on Wednesday. I am sure you will look fabulous! Hopefully you will wear one of your creations?

Charlotta Ward said...

I love how you describe your mother - she seems to have left so many wonderful impressions in her path.
I too remember the wafts of the perfume my mother wore - first it was YSL Rive Gauche, then Chamade by Gurelain.. and the sound of her shoes on the floors in our house. She had fabulous dresses and always looked radiant - the hostess of perfection.
Though she is now into her 70s, she is still one of the most beautiful and well kept women I know. She is picture of style and I admire her so for it.

Red.. ah how I wish I had lips that could carry that colour! I bet you look amazing in it, and I love your hat! Very elegant yet with a lot of attitude. Wonderful wonderful!

Thank you for your long comment on my recent post. I found your fiend's B&B and will try to touch base with her.

Happy weekend.

x Charlotta