Monday, June 11, 2012


This summer season you must be seen playing by the rules in the most classic of feminine seduction, like wearing light sheer fabrics reminiscent of voile as well as dress styles like empires, bustier in colours of Black and White. This is a couture style of grand elegance, graphics and of grand personality…then you can accentuate with a touch of Glamour adding the "finish" touch. 

Cerise Rosae 
(headband base)
I thought it would be absolutely appropriate and fun to propose my GlamCouture Headpiece Collection. Made by hand in black graphite horsehair and a sewn-on Swarovski crystal teardrop, reminiscing dew drops at early dawn.
Melodia Rose
(headband base)

Even though this selection called Bygone Eras , styling that recalls the feminine elegance and romance of yesteryear, you can see too, that each headpiece interpretation is toward the future with spiral movements in every Rose flower adding a 3-D effect.
Veiled Perfumed Roses

Among my clients, friends and fashionists these are the favourite styles you see here. I created each Glam Couture headpiece with a multiply identity, timeless styling and most important, they are adaptable to different facial forms and every amazingly styled coiffeurs.

Roses Blooming in 
my Vintage Style Garden
(headband base)

(right side view headband base)

Have a fun and wonderful week ahead.

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Cobalt Violet said...

Oh my word ... G O R G E O U S !!!
You are such an artist!