Saturday, August 27, 2011

May I offer you something cool...

Isn’t hot in town? Is the weather getting you down? Well, I have a proposal for you (Gentlemen)...June Christy’s "Something Cool", her signature song, which is considered a unique part of the Great American Songbook. The overall mood of "Something Cool" is melancholy along with a lady’s response to a gentleman’s offer for “something cool”. And my suggestions for the (Ladies)... are some wonderfully styled coiffeurs to show off with my couture headpieces, I thought would be absolutely appropriate and fun in hot weather, while drinking something cool. Enjoy!

This headpiece is called "Valentina"
by Kirsten Randolp Couture, Royal Crown Collection 2011

 I'd like to order something cool

It's so warm here in town and this heat gets me down


Yes, I'd like something cool

A fascinator "Cerise Rose" of midnight blue crine, and Swarovsky crystal teardrop,
by Kirsten Randolph, Love Accents, Royal Crown Collection 2011.

My, it's nice to simply sit and rest awhile

you know it's a shame

I can't think of your name

I remember your smile

A Royal Crown headpiece " Moulin Rouge"
by Kirsten Randolph Love Accents Couture, Royal Crown Collection 2011.

I don't ordinarily drink with

strangers I guess I usually drink alone

But you were so awfully nice to ask me

And I'm so terribly far from home

"Melodia" made in crine and accentuated with a clear crystal teardrop....
by Kirsten Randolph Love Accents Couture, Royal Crown 2011.

Like my dress I must confess it's very old

But it's simple and neat, it's just right for this heat

Save my furs for the cold

A cigarette, no I don't smoke them as a rule

But I'll have one, it might be fun with something cool

The original lyrics are written Here.
Jewerly by Bulgari
P.s. It is exactly one year, since I received a beautiful gift, a calling to use and share my talents teaching as maestra a course entitled: "The art of Italian tailoring and dressmaking  to a very special group of young ladies residing at beautiful Lake Como, Italy. I will continue to share this dream with you and certainly all of the events that has taken place, as well as my new style catergories for Love Accents Couture. I will return next week.... and I sincerely missed not writing to you...until then love,

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Beautiful! Welcome back!!!