Monday, May 24, 2010

being accessorize glamorously in vacation and vintage inspired collect!

Scuola Grande di San Marco. Exterior View of Facade
with River, Bridge, and Gondola.

 In Italy, vacations are talked about, organized and booked nine months to one year in advanced or taken spontaneously in one minute. Vacations are a very serious matter here. I love Venice. I have been to Venice many times (in-season-out-of-season) and with each and every visit, I feel her arms opening wide and embracing me.

Basilica di San Marco, Venice
Venice has always inspired me and many every day people alike; politicians, artists and worlds famous Agatha Christie who wrote "Murder on the Orient Express".

The Orient Express Venezia-Parigi with 17 carriages.

The Orient Express is a name that has long been equated with the world's most exclusive luxury train with daily departuress to Paris! A romantic weekend vacation Venice-Paris via "The Orient Express" is maybe just what I need!

The Orient Express "for emotional living"
A journey into another world of romance, excitement and pure pleasure are all aboard...with the original 1920s carriages with their Lalique glass panels, wood burning stoves and Art Deco marquettes.

...and being accessorize glamorously?

As you would expect, I’ll bring alone my Venetian inspired handbag, "Veneziana".

I created Veneziana with a vintage inspiration that recalls 1940’s. An expressively feminine purse, made in black Italian silk satin with front and back pleats releasing into a soft, sensual, semi-constructed hourglass shape. Side inserts added, allowing for extra room.


Creatively decorated with green foliage, pear fruits as well as silver baguette beading delicately sewn on a dainty lace veiling. Stylish brooch and buttons made of crystal rhinestones creating aurora light reflections. Beautifully lined in black silk satin with matching silk ribbon tie closure, and label, Love Accents Couture Accessory, Made in Italy. Holds a small wallet, money and credit card holder, cell phone, keys, lipstick and gloss.

My visits to Venice are never completed without a visit to the world famous school of lace in Burano. I’ll leave you my dear friends with some photographs of the spectacular workmanship you’ll find there.

Il Manifesto della Scuola Merletti di Burano c.XlX

Mittens (finger-less gloves). Burano flat emboss needle
work with eight button closure c.XlX-XX

Collars c.1905, Burano flat emboss needle work.

Corset/Bustier, Italian o French. c.XX
finished with machine lace.
Bed and pillow covers, Venice c. XX

Wedding dress, c.1928. Made of white silk,
with borders of silver-lace decorated
and embroidered with pearls.

Please visit if passing by Venice. Have a spectacular week to all!


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joanny said...


Love the fine delicate details of the lace and the earthy sensual & ethereal quality of the stunning purse you designed.

Truly a work of art. I notice we have similar thoughts about life and how we view things - as I am reading some of your previous posts -- we have a similar outlook, How divine,

My grandmother was from Italy and was a lace maker - and had a tailor shop here in the US -- both my mother and grand mother made beaded purses and dresses and lacy things eons ago it. I was going to do a post on lace and some of their works but decided to postpone it for a while.